Sale Advice

What’s it worth?

Whatever the reasons for selling your home, there’s one thing you need to know up-front if you want a quick sale: “How much can you realistically achieve in the current market?”

There are several ways you can find this out

To get a rough idea, do some research of your own. Check out similar properties for sale in your area and see how much they’re going for by checking the estate agent listing, this will give you a guide price.

You can also check on the Land Registry website for data in your area including the date of sale, and the final price this won’t give any details about the property’s condition or the size of its rooms – so again, only use this information to get a rough idea. Prices are affected by many things, including the size of the accommodation,
local amenities and presentation.

The best way to get an accurate value for your home is to contact at least three local estate agents for a free valuation.

A good estate agent will come and inspect your home in detail, looking from a buyer’s perspective for pitfalls and attributes. This will give them a clear idea not just of the property’s value but its saleability. By inspecting the property in person, your agent will be able to spot any features that complement current trends and can add further value. They’ll also be able to develop an effective marketing plan.

Estate agents will use their existing knowledge from the sale of properties in your area to compare against your home as a measure of value. Ask them to explain how much they think your home will sell for in relation to these properties and ask why. Remember that while two homes may look the same from the outside, any updates to the interior might have increased or even decreased their relative value.

Your agent should explain how the area you live in affects the value of your home, as well as the type of buyer likely to be attracted. Make sure you ask them how they plan to market to these buyers and don’t be afraid to ask what makes their agency different to others in your area.

Agents use a wide range of marketing tools to sell a property. These include the internet, local newspapers, window displays, attractive photography, mailing lists, and often a national network of offices that gives your home the widest publicity. The rise of the internet in the past fifteen years enables the estate to upload your home to the property portals such as Zoopla and Right Move.